Andrew Marr hints at BBC exit over impartiality frustrations

This story was originally in the Telegraph, which is now only intermittently readable without paying, so here’s another link based on the same details. Andrew Marr seems to be paid sufficiently in order to make him believe things he otherwise would not … and yet at last perhaps, seems close to quitting… Unless, cynically, he… Read more

Brexit Project Fear is the Reality of an own goal – if not two or three

We have met this regretful, leave voting fish merchant before – he now thinks he’s ‘stuffed’, poor chap. Basically by carrying fish from several exporters in one load – his transport agent has warned him that if a mistake with his paperwork leads to the truck being turned back at the border he will be… Read more

Social infrastructure is also vital to any recovery plan

This is a letter to the FT from the Progressive Economy Forum (an outfit that our esteemed benefactor, Richard Murphy, has been expelled from – simply because he doesn’t think Quantitative Easing will ever be paid back. Time has actually already told – it’s 12 years and counting that it has not…) UK chancellor Rishi… Read more

Is rebellion imminent?

This moving piece from Channel 4 news and from a real small employer (rather than a grasping rentier capitalist) correctly explains why so many are completely adrift in the government’s occasional, random and unscientific lockdowns. For sure the science is uncertain – but the money creation to ensure both the lady in the interview and… Read more

Sunak is going to trash our economy and our lives

Sunak’s disastrous recently announced ‘Job Retention Scheme’ spoke of his desire to keep ‘viable’ jobs, which even the Telegraph thinks will not deliver, . He has given us no indication of those jobs he considers viable and as we all now know there is no objective viability – only Sunak’s bizarre and cruel political choice… Read more

All for an arbitrary lack of money

Having listened to BBC Radio4’s ‘Front Row’ it demonstrates that the arts, whose members are supposedly progressive and original thinkers are, like so many others, completely brainwashed into the idea that they must find ‘other’ commercial sponsorship because government money is so limited. The theatre producer and owner, Nica Burns, has said she will endeavour… Read more