Your country needs me

As we now know that English is pretty much the lingua franca (a good – imported – English phrase!) of the EU we also know that they have a deep understanding of (the idiocies of) current British politics. We are negotiating with ourselves in full sight of our fellow negotiators.

It is some evidence of a warm embrace that they have not used this to their advantage (though of course I have to point out for balance that the UK is the second highest contributor to the EU budget..) and are underlining the neeeds of Ireland.

So although Macron is fed up (who isn’t?) I suggest it is in the EU interest to allow the UK more space to permit further developments and reflection.

But still, Donald Tusk is a far greater friend of the UK than we have any right to deserve, particularly as he was dismissed by all the Brexiters’ as a bureaucrat, when, in fact, he has a record of opposition to Polish Communist (should we say ‘Marxist’?) rule.

He says:

Honing those original skills perhaps, he seems unremitting in trying to save the UK from itself – paricularly with:.

“We should treat the UK with the highest respect, as we want to remain friends and close partners, and as we will still need to agree on our future relations. Neither side should be allowed to feel humiliated at any stage in this difficult process.”

He concludes:

“Our experience so far, as well as the deep divisions within the House of Commons, give us little reason to believe that the ratification process can be completed by the end of June.”

A entirely logical conclusion.

That is why I have unashamedly purloined the statement in the lovely ‘Our Future Our Choice’ spoof Boris Johnson Conservative leadership campaign delightfully described here, where they suggest, summing up Johnson’s historical academic skills very neatly:

“As Lord Kitchener once said, ‘Your country needs me’.”