Worrying headline from the Netherlands

In the Dutch Newspaper, de Volkskrant (roughly, the newspaper for folk):

I don’t blame the EU – but for the UK that is distinctly alarming.

Our government is cavalier in its arrogance and lack of care for anything much – including its own citizens.

If the EU decide to cut up rough we cannot, I fear, look to our own government to look after us rather than their own private plans.

Worrying indeed…


  1. Andrew -

    Always interesting to see how others see us. “Perfidious Albion” just about covers it.

    An interesting and realistic range of countermeasures suggested – import duties, exclusion from EU research programmes, restricting access for financial services.

    And then the suggestion that, in response to the UK restricting access for French fishermen, the French may restrict electricity supplies to the UK. No sign of the fuel shortages ending, and now the possibility of blackouts.

    If the EU cuts up rough, this could get very messy indeed.

    1. Peter May -

      That is what worries me, too, so, unfortunately, I quite agree….

      1. Andrew -

        Sounds like the Norway interconnector is coming onlline, so that will (eventually) be 1.4 GW of the 30 to 40 we need.

  2. Peter May -

    Well that, I suppose, is progress…

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