When comedy is prophesy

This is ten minutes of painful entertainment in a comedy programme of 24 years ago with Messrs John Bird and Fortune taking the mickey out of John Major’s Eurosceptic MP’s.

As the general laughter suggests, the ideas of the Eurosceptics seemed ludicrous. Today it is unfortunately no more than the truth – if still equally and even more ludicrously untenable:

With apologies for the quality which reflects the technology of the time…


  1. Samuel Johnson -

    As fresh as the day it was made.

  2. Paul Wright -

    How on earth did we get here? What happened in between?

    How did many of my street neighbours move to these, then satirical now hard right mainstream views??

    How can BJ still be ahead in the polls?? How can people live in the ignorance of the Osbornes lies?? How can they still think that Thatchers household budgets apply to nation states??

    PLEASE HELP ACADEMICS, we need you to explain why my countrymen would now think that messrs Bird and Fortune are deeply unpatriotic and even traitors!! People do, and indeed they do – I did the footslog at the last two elections – Spifires all the way!! Get it done!!

    Why cant we look forward??

    Where are the satirists today? Sorry Hislop – you are still stiff upper lip private school, move over perhaps for Frankie Boyle?

    Rant over, pass the french/italian/Spanish/German/Greek et al wine, lets watch Bird and Fortune again.

    Thanks for the blog

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