What is Parliament for if not to keep people off the streets?

A million people on the streets of London or – according to the German media 1.5 million – and allegedly according to Police about 2 million although including quite a lot of chidren. Not that children don’t count but as Police seem to count from the air on the basis of persons per square metre it is slightly less clear cut. It is further indicative of numbers being very large that the Police started off the march early because of the sheer quantity of people piling up at the back of the queue. They also closed streets in addition to those originally scheduled.

So that is the second really big march on the same subject within six months – one of about a million and one of more than a million.

One of the principal purposes of Parliamentary democracy was (and is) to get the mob off the streets. Now fortunately these demonstrators cannot be described as a mob – but there were an awful lot of them.

This suggests the complete failure of Parliamentary democracy. It is now 2 years 9 months since we voted on Brexit and Parliament has taken no decisions on this single most important issue.

What, I wonder, do they think they are they there for?


  1. Andrew Dickie -

    Exactly! What IS Parliament there for?

    But, then, it seems to have taken its cue from Cameron – someone who, IMO, was not, is not, and never will be fit to be Prime Minister, being a mere simulacrum masquerading as a politician.

    If he’d had any cojones, he’d have emerged from No. 10 the morning after the result of the Referendum, announced that the Referendum was ADVISORY, said that he would take the matter back to Parliament to discuss what action to take, since only Parliament – our sovereign Parliament, as Leave endlessly banged on about, inter alia – and proceeded to argue his case in that forum.

    Parliament MIGHT have opted for some version of BREXIT, but ALL discussion would have PRECEDED Article 50, not followed limpingly after it, and a Parliament trusted to make such decisions might have stepped up to the mark, instead of tripping over its own shoelaces – worse, seemingly outplayed the Keystone Cops for blundering incompetence, as we have seen since the start of 2019.

    “Cluck cluck” Cameron has a lot to answer for. The idea that he might return to politics – well, enough said.

  2. Peter May -

    Entirely agree.
    Thank you.
    As ever there are interesting words to look up: simulacrum=a representation, such as a statue or a painting, especially of a god.
    Game set and match!
    No wonder he was in the Bullingdon Club.
    We are ruled by idiots but I fear with the Mainstream Media attention given to prospective politicians, it is most regrettably, almost as if only idiots would apply….

  3. Graham -

    Yes, Cameron is ultimately and solely responsible for this unholy mess and yet gets off scot free. Just like his crony Osborn who having visited some kind of medieval punishment on the poor while rewarding the rich saunters into a series of well-paid jobs. Meanwhile “May the Stubborn” of the “hostile environment”, possibly the worst possible person to be in charge lacking as she is in any kind of collegiate empathy, or self-awareness or imagination, flounders around in a quagmire of her own making, her feet seemingly encased in concrete, when any person of honour would have gone long ago.

    These people, May, the Brexiteers, the Labour leadership, are living in a bubble universe where the normal laws seem to be inverted, and without even a wormhole connecting them to the real universe where they might see the UK slowly drifting towards a black hole.

    Sadly, even at an election, although some of the faces may change, they will mostly be the same kind of people, perhaps led by our own version of Trump, another compulsive liar, fantasist and narcissist.

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