What have we done?

A rather moving – and now (sorry) belated Christmas thought for us from the German Green MEP, Terry Reintke.



  1. Jennifer (aka Jeni, Havantaclu) Parsons -

    Thanks, Terry! We all wish our many friends in Europe a happy and prosperous New Year in 2019.

  2. Graham -

    Yes, let’s hope Europe will be a “peaceful place” in the future, as it has been for 70 years, in which the EU has played its part, something our politicians and others may have forgotten.

    I was talking to a Dutch couple the other day at our campsite in Spain. They think we have gone mad. It is beyond their understanding, but then as they said Britain has been in/out in/out in its attitude for years.

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed, but while Britain has been in/out in attitude it has always been ‘in’ in practice and has had an excellent deal to boot.
      I fear your Dutch friends are correct. We have indeed gone mad….

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