We should never have left – but there’s an easy return…

I’ve signed the petition to rejoin the EU – because, well, we should never have left*.

But we have.

Given that; Labour has to be fervently encouraged – and to encourage the electorate – to rejoin the single market and also the customs union. This would be a unilateral UK decision. Then, once we are back in the swim, since there is an already created UK/EU talking shop where as David Allen Green suggests:

Issues of representation, consultation and mutual influence would be dealt with by dedicated EU+UK institutions – and such consensual and sustainable institutions would be the answer to the charge that the European Union would be imposing law and policy on an independent United Kingdom.

..we are again in business – literally.

In effect this would stand to give the UK potentially more influence than anyone else anywhere not in the European Union over the European Union. In due course it could even give the UK more influence than it ever had. It is amazing (or perhaps it isn’t) that Brexiters cannot see it.

This would subdue and partially satisfy Labour rejoiners (rumoured to be around 60% of the party) and give Brexiters somewhere near to what they wanted – an independent UK voice. It would also give a speedy way out of the deepening Northern Ireland crisis.

This should be an opposition quick win.

What about it Keir?

*Funny how rarely Brexiters are now speaking out. As has been remarked elsewhere: Wasn’t the German car industry supposed to come to the rescue? It’s not like them to be late….

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