Unless building back better is a metaphor…

It doesn’t look to have much prospect of coming about.

The Independent reports:

Builders are being forced to down tools amid a “perfect storm for construction” which is putting the UK’s economic recovery in doubt, industry groups have warned.

The cost of building materials has soared by 20 per cent, exacerbating the problems facing an industry worth around £117bn to the UK economy.

To which must of course be added, labour and skill shortages, importing and distribution problems, caused by both Covid and Brexit, as well as inflation in prices of building materials of around 20%.

That’s all going to be really good for those 46 or was it 48? hospitals that were going to be built – or even the ongoing vanity of HS2.

The UK shows every sign of neatly demonstrating its failure as a state by still being able to afford these things but not to be actually in a position to harness the required resources to achieve them…

Not to worry.

The government doesn’t care either.

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