UK Constitution unchanged by Supreme Court

That the Supreme Court has opined in the way it has, seems to be a surprise to many.

I have to say not so much to me.

They had to make the judgement they did – otherwise they would in fact have CHANGED the UK constitution.

Parliament is supreme – not the Executive – aka the Government. Nothing to do with the Courts. It is simply Parliamentary Supremacy.

If Parliament had voted to shut down itself then job done! (Though of course that would be woefully unlikely.)

Parliament, not the Executive, is, in fact, the highest court in the land and somehow in our unwritten constitution, this seems to have been continually omitted and forgotten.

Particularly when you realise that the art of judging is to be wise after the event.

I was even futher delighted (sorry) that the Supreme Court quoted something I did – as the BBC – in Scotland only (I think we should note, for its website at least …) reported:  the-king-hath-no-prerogative-other-than-that-the-law-of-the-land-allows-him.

I feel we really should look to the wonderfully argued Supreme Court case from the English and Scottish QC Aidan O’Neill (for the appellants on the Scottish case) for some hope…

Our elected representatives do indeed have power.

The Executive relies on them for its own power.

I suggest we all must take note…