Trade will be ‘day-to day struggle’ after Brexit is completed

This is the headline from the Independent and also a realisation that needs much more recognition.

We are facing a crisis – and amazingly, a voluntary crisis of our very own government’s making…

This is really very bad news indeed and nothing more or less than those of us who suggested that the alleged ‘project fear’ was actually project reality.

The [Brexit Committee] inquiry heard of massive extra costs, a mountain of red tape, shrinking investment and chemicals “disappearing” from the UK market, from January.

Some medicines may not reach Northern Ireland – if, as feared, extra tests will be required – although it was “very important that patients don’t panic”, it was told.

Every month 45 million packs of medicines cross the Channel and 37 million are imported from the EU to the UK, it points out….

…None of the three witnesses could state a reason for welcoming the end of the transition period, on 31 December, when challenged by Hilary Benn, the Brexit committee’s chairman. 

What a government we have….

And all the while we have a pandemic….