Am I really offering a link to a Brexit site? Yes, I fear, I really am!

And just because, whilst I do think they have the best of intentions, they are not correct.

They suggest – and this is probably true – that the collapse of UKIP shows that people are prepared to accept the two party system, provided it accepts their views. But their idea that the UK ‘democratic’ system will not accept a rise of any extra parliamentary system is surely problematic – I would suggest that the Neoliberalism has always been exactly that  – Neoliberalism is itself, a rise of an extra parliamentary system, which is a century old.

Given that the FullBrexit – at least in the form of Dr Lee Jones of Queen Mary College – consider that the Brexit vote was an attempt by the working class to discipline the political class (which, if I can just escape the detailed classness), I would not disagree with, so thus they want the legislature to precisely follow the ‘people’s’ voting desires.

Failure to do this would lead to ‘extra parliamentary’ actions. Which of course is what Neoliberalism always, exactly is.

Just with more subtlety than rioting.

Ostensibly maybe that’s fair enough.

But the various ideas on their website seem to me to be of distinctly dubious practical benefit.

For Brexiters, of course, there is hope. In, say, the next century, we might all be able to see how much better life was because we had left the EU. But precious few – even of our grandchildren – will be around to tell. Meanwhile what damage will be done to those of us in the here and now?

Still, as the people have spoken, we must accept Brexit.

Yet it is, currently, clearly a suicide wish.

Who would not try to prevent a suicide? Decades of deluded neoliberal policies have engendered a mental depression – or maybe even a general mental illness. This is what, Doctor that I am not, I would suggest.

Shouldn’t we fight to save the deranged and damaged patient from himself?



  1. Adrian Kent. -

    Of course one should attempt to prevent a suicide, but it’s rather pointless if the way you want to do it is to keep the patient in an asylum where the only treatment on offer is the application of leeches. There’s no indication at all that the barber-surgeons who run the institution have any problem – moral or practical – with their prescriptions and no sign of a more humane treatment regime in sight.

    Yes the patient is gibbering, disoriented and unstable, but if the only option available to them is to throw themselves out of the one (high) window available, then sometimes that’s the best option.

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