The ‘wages’ of immigration are actually most likely, rent

As, personally, a ‘remainer’, we need to speak about wages.

It seems that a lot of the original talk that EU immigration had a small – or less – effect on wages was not entirely correct – and let’s be straight about that. It did not actually seem right to me at the time and it was not.

Of course the Covid pandemic certainly helped to highlight the problem.

But HGV drivers, for example, have long been in short supply – and that is why there was reliance on not only EU drivers working in the UK, but also those EU drivers, who delivered back loads to UK destinations on their way back – to the EU.

We also have the notoriously low paid food trade sector now bigging up their pay and conditions.

And even in low wage Cornwall we have this flyer sent to all homes within commuting distance of this bacon packing factory – now owned by the largest pig processors in the world:

The location was previously synonymous with Eastern European labour – and I’d suggest that it is more like mechanical butchery rather than simple bacon packing that really goes on there.

So all this is actually likely to mean higher food prices. And if higher wages end up as higher food prices then that seems entirely reasonable.

Indeed I would ask why high housing prices both bought or rented, seem to be no problem – but high food prices are, somehow, a major disaster?

At least higher food prices reflect higher wages for those involved – but higher housing costs do not reflect wages at all – just asset prices or rent extraction…

So actually that is the wages of not the employed, but of the unemployed.

That is the narrative not merely of those who are not employed, but actually of those who do no work.

For we now discover that those who do not work are the most likely to become wealthy…

It is certainly not, after all, getting a job that makes you prosperous…


  1. MigT -

    I never believed it either.

    1. Peter May -


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