The Rule of Law is in jeopardy

We now learn that Nigel Evans, Tory MP, falsely accused of sexual misdemeanors, would have voted against the legal aid reforms that he supported in government.

And the ‘Secret Barrister’ says that, without Legal Aid, the Rule of Law collapses. He seeks to suggest that, just that, is occurring. It is nightmarish…

This goes to the root of society – society as it exists and is formed. Without the usual precepts of any simple society – usually reckoned to be defence and justice – we, arguably, have no society at all.

So ‘our’ government’s austerity, together with an uncritical media, and a cowed population has – in effect – partially destroyed society as we knew it.

It is unsurprising that the Police, because of a lack of money, are increasingly worried about the import of guns.

Basically all this suggests that this government – and indeed the majority of our legislators – have insufficient intelligence to have empathy. (Indeed I think empathy may actually be the core of the basic appeal of Jeremy Corbyn).

I’m sure none of us is immune from a failure to see the other’s point of view, but most of us surely try to take that into account before making decisions that affect others.

But we are now actually faced with a government that seems to be comprised of a ‘unless it actually happens to us we don’t understand’ point of view.

And, oh dear, all this while Brexit destroys their any other thinking capacity….


  1. Graham -

    Our justice system is such a mess it’s difficult to know where to begin. Access to justice, or more properly, lack of access for most who are not wealthy is good start. But let’s also look at how the law is created. For most of history, including the present, law has been created by the rich and powerful, mainly for their own benefit with the aim of protecting private property, of which they have more than their share.

    A book by Andy Wightman, Scottish land reform campaigner and MSP, entitled “The poor had no lawyers” is a microcosm of how the rich and powerful created the law and used it, in this case to steal the common land from public ownership and add it to their existing holdings.

    When you look at the profile of lawyers, judges etc you see that they come from a very narrow section of society. This cannot be good for the administration of justice.

  2. Peter May -

    Good points, though being an on call criminal lawyer apparently earns you about £25k a year, and most are over 50 which surely means we’ll be running out of them shortly….

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