The road from Moscow To Kyiv passes through Belgravia

Very good nine minutes from Led by Donkeys on how UK failure facilitates corruption both in Russia and at home:

We now know that Putin’s mentor, Aleksandr Dugin author of “The Foundations of Geopolitics” long ago pointed out both that Ukraine was not a ‘proper country’ and that the UK needed to be ‘split off’ from Europe.

Now of course we have the suggestion by Nigel Farage that his next project is a referendum on Johnson’s ‘ruinous’ green agenda.

Which is the second largest oil exporter in the world I wonder? That’s right, Russia.

What a surprise.

When we have the Brexit Campaign and the Tory Party accepting enormous sums from Russian donors or donors with Putin connections we know that our government has not just been compromised – but actually bought:


  1. Schofield -

    If Ukraine is not a proper country was a resolution passed at the UN on Wednesday last demanding an end to the Russian offensive in Ukraine?

    The resolution was passed under the auspices of the 1950 resolution 377(V) “Uniting for Peace” which gave power to the General Assembly if the Security Council failed to act. Note the 377(V) gives the General Assembly power to take military action to stop aggression which could result in a No Fly Zone in the Ukraine see Section A1 in following pdf link:-

    So it’s down to the majority of the world’s nations to decide how brave they are and impose a No Fly Zone in Ukraine. They have choices they can impose it incrementally on a longitude or latitude basis or as a series of civilian safe corridors with branches.

    1. Schofield -

      correction should be “… why was a resolution passed …”

      1. Peter May -

        I agree that would be a good idea.
        Mind it is to be hoped that Putin cannot want to be at war with more or less everyone, which might the result.
        We need to be confident enough that he – or at least his staff – are not stupid enough to go for the nuclear option since modern nuclear arms are so powerful that we would would all eventually die together.
        I think the comparison with the dinosaurs is good here:

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