The right wing mind again – Is the reduction in libraries the killer blow to aspiration?

My previous piece has, I partly regret, led me to revist a blog I wrote some time ago suggesting that voting Conservative was aspirational, regardless of your own circumstances.

Because I’m now beginning to wonder if not only the pupils but the parents in our difficult schools have low self-esteem.

And some significant numbers of them also seem to think voting Tory is aspirational.

The trouble is the comparison between winning the lottery of life, which very few are lucky enough to do, and simply having a good life or even a better life, is extraordinarily difficult to communicate.

Maybe we should focus on the important things in life and include the ONS numbers?

Progressives might have to point out that you cannot possibly win the lottery of life whilst there are almost one in three children living in poverty in one of the wealthiest nations on earth. And about one in fourteen Britons have resorted to a food bank for a meal, which amounts to about 3.7 million people. Homelessness in England has more than doubled since 2010. Rates of mental illness and domestic violence are rising. Average student debt has nearly tripled over the last decade and a generation has seen its future snuffed out even further by Brexit.

By some counts, at least a hundred and thirty thousand people have died as a direct result of austerity.

Perhaps we should use an allegedly old, American ‘Indian’ proverb:

“If it is no good for all, it is no good at all.”

And, for the last humiliation, the Tories have closed nearly eight hundred libraries.

How can that be anyone’s aspiration?

Perhaps the libraries are in an odd, and rather aspirational way – the killer blow?