The Pothole Manifesto

Is, I think, an apt description of the 2019 Conservative Manifesto.

Even the IFS considers the manifesto to be devoid of anything of great consequence – indeed the £2billion pothole fund maybe its star spending plan and would have been completely unneccesary if the Tories had actually funded local authorities properly. They seem belatedly to have discovered that rich people drive, horror or horrors, on the same roads as poor people . Now they can give central billing to solving an avoidable problem which they caused in the first place.

Then they are going to ensure there will be 6,000 more doctors in GP surgeries and 6,000 more primary care staff such as physiotherapists and pharmacists. Quite where these people have been hiding for the last nine years is unclear but to find them is a firm intention.

Then there are the twenty thousand policemen to replace the 21 thousand that the tories have mislaid thus far and fifty thousand nurses, who include according to even the BBC, fifteen thousand who will miraculously be persuaded not to leave, while the rest seem to be coming from the Magic Nurse Tree. Still, at least they’ll get free parking on the night shift.

This free parking they will share, it appears, with families of the terminally ill. How’s that going to work? When you get the photograph of your registration number together with your £100 invoice, dressed up as a fine, I imagine you will have to send an interim payment with details of your relative who is at death’s door and in what respect they are terminally ill. Yet, life is terminal so surely we should all get a chance at free parking?

Probably the sorting out should be conducted on appeal with some outfit that is highly skilled and really clever – Capita, say, or Mitie. Parking disputes tend to drag on so maybe if by the time your appeal is actually heard – say about nine months later – and your terminally ill relation is still living, well that should settle it. If the relation is indeed found to be deceased then perhaps the authorities could show their special empathy by being required to refund the parking charge with interest as a contribution to funeral expenses?

If there were any, it would make me want to get the bus.

In hoovering up Brexit Party votes the Tories have had their domestic, imaginative capacity completely consumed by ‘global’ fantasy.

In 2019 the Conservative vision extends simply to the bottom of their pothole.


  1. A. Pessimist -

    Thanks for that Peter, it made me smile, after a miserable few hours delivering leaflets in the wet and gloom this morning. This election has a bit of a “do or die” feel about it, and if the electorate are taken in by these people and their media supporters, in the face of their obvious uselessness, it will be a sad day for our “democracy”.

    1. Peter May -


  2. Geoff Plant -

    Dear A Pessimist,
    Please don’t be a pessimist be an optimist. It gives off a much better vibe


    1. Peter May -

      I consider that there is much disturbing evidence that the BBC is not playing fair and of course its ‘review’ everyday of the predominantly right wing papers, which they use to set the news agenda, often makes for scewed everyday broadcasting.

  3. A. Pessimist -

    Geoff, if you watch those “vox pops” (of which even more on Ch4 news this evening), pessimism is the only possible response.

    1. Geoffrey -

      I prefer to be optimistic. I completely understand what we are facing. Our democracy our community our very hope is trampled upon daily. The messages are clearly posted, packaged and shown endlessly. I am a member of DiEM25 our message is hope without optimism. For without hope there’s nothing.

      1. Peter May -

        I fundamentally agree. That is why I chose the ‘pothole manifesto’ title because I think hope is essential and that is what the tories are not giving – they gave none for the last general election if a little bit more – but not much – for this one….

  4. Geoff -

    It’s a good title for the piece.

    If your readers want to understand more fully the developments coming from left Intellectual thinkers throughout Europe, might I suggest reading “A Vision For Europe” Edited by David Adler & Rosemary Bechler. It is a manifesto for Europe in which the Labour is fully engaged.

  5. Geoff -

    Peter, I thought I would share this from leading left intellectual thinkers. It’s a long read but it’s well worth the time as it demonstrates what really lies behind the LP manifesto and the bright future it offers to the majority in the UK.

    “More than half of all wealth in the United Kingdom is now held by the top ten per cent, with around twenty per cent held by the top one per cent, and inequality continues to grow.”

    1. Peter May -

      Many thanks

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