The Magic Nurse Tree was queried in Penzance

It’s almost as if the Penzance nurses read Progressive Pulse!

So Johnson was politely asked if he had a nurses tree…

Indeed Johnson’s hospital visits are not easy.

By comparison Corbyn had a rather well attended rally in Cornwall as this photo indicates:

This is in former LibDem country and I think that the LibDems are going to be largely lost (except, I suspect, with their ex and pretty left wing and rebellious LibDem MP for St Ives, Andrew George). Labour are in with a substantial chance because of the disatrous poverty in mainsteam Cornwall – that’s not the the ‘guilded frame’ of the coast – where there are few Cornish left, except perhaps in Newlyn – but in the ‘mediocre picture within’ of inland Cornwall.

It is true most of Cornwall voted to leave, but many – anecdotally – now realise they were sadly misled, particularly as their single greatest source of income is EU funding… Something I doubt the Tories would ever replicate.

And since, these days, Cornwall has an outpost of Exeter University as well as a Cornish, Falmouth (Arts) University, I suggest both Truro and Falmouth constituency as well as Camborne and Redruth – which, in parts has, too, a significant student population – as well as being the heart of the ‘working’ (probably zero hours) Cornwall, could either or both be a surprising Labour success.

Let us hope the Cornish, as well as others, see, at last, the light.


  1. Richard Bond -

    Peter – this looks promising. Do you know where the picture was taken? all the people in it look quite young, University? Is JC getting through to the older people more likely to have voted Leave?

    The Lib-Dems suffered a squeeze last time out. Any sign of a resurgence? Cornwall is one the places where tactical voting to get the Tories out would work very well. 5 of the 6 seats are vulnerable to (an old and dishonourable phrase) a Lib/Lab pact. If only…

    Cornwall would be an excellent place to start on the GND. So many isolated places reliant on oil-fired central heating could be properly insulated and converted to micro-generation solar power. The potential for expanding wind power is tremendous. The job creation could also be.

    1. Peter May -

      PS (from the post below! should have come first but somehow didn’t!)
      One would have thought that a LibDem resurgence was likely but I tnink that nowadays, apart from Penzance aka St Ives where the coalition rebel and left wing Lib, Andrew George, is likely, I suggest, to get in, I think Camborne and Redruth, and also Truro and Falmouth are likely to go Labour if the students vote there! Indeed Camborne and Redruth should go Labour anyway if they know what’s good for them!
      Other than those constituencies it will depend. I suggest, whether the Corns have finally understood the the EU is, in fact, their biggest source of local income – or not!
      I know many ‘regretters’ but that doesn’t mean they’re in the majority so in the Bodmins and St Austells I think that the EU may well turn out to be the most important aspect…
      They are crazily Tory now and may well rpeat their stupidity…

  2. Peter May -

    It was taken at the West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance.
    If they’re students, I suggest they’re at the Peninsula Medical School which seems to cover much of Cornwall and certainly has a big centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital,Truro, which in the summer, is supposed to be the UK’s busiest. As everything collapses in the summer in Cornwall – I can well imagine…

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