The Johnson premiership is just madcap dishonesty

The Conservatives want to take back control.

But that control is, it seems, not for us it is of us.

We learn (remarkably via the Times) that Johnson’s preferred election date of October 15 was chosen as it was likely to restrict the number of students voting because it was so soon after the start of their terms. This really suggests that they consider they have lost the young in any case. They can hardly be surprised.

Then there is a delightful chap who shakes Johnson’s hand:

saying, “You should be in Brussels negotiating”

to which Johnson retorts “We are negotiating”,

The response was “You are not, you’re in Morley in Leeds!”

He concludes by saying “Please leave my town.”

Johnson replies, “I will, very soon.”

Meanwhile, the West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable was “disappointed” to see his officers used as backdrop for the recent Prime Ministerial speech  – if, indeed, it can be afforded such a description (it was largely blather) – it was the Police’s understanding that they would only be used to promote recruitment  “we had no prior knowledge” that the Prime Ministerial speech “would be broadened to other issues until it was delivered.”
How very surprising that Johnson was not entirely honest about his intentions…

Maybe BoJo is just a clown – but certainly the government has become a circus.

I fear that  is not the best way for people to believe in the future of their nation – or even of politicians.