The importance of passports

The Conservative Party has issued a press release: “The UK passport is an expression of our independence and sovereignty – symbolising our citizenship of a proud, great nation. That’s why we have announced that the iconic blue passport will return after we leave the European Union in 2019.”

It is rumoured that it will cost £490m to organise the change even though “there is no magic money tree”. The blue passport will be a constant reminder that we may have lost unrestricted travel across Europe and certainly the unfettered right to work there and entitlement to free emergency healthcare.

The Tories claim a blue passport is ‘iconic’. It might be for pets (which may just be the way Conservatives consider the electorate) but anyone under about 40 has never had anything but a burgundy passport. That speaks volumes about Conservative support and the underlying Conservative outlook.

In the circumstances you have to consider that it is a bit of a surpise that the blue passport will not include a pull out map of the ‘iconic’ British empire – or at least a list of British tax havens you could travel to.

The colour change is so inordinately pointless that it is obviously covering for the complete vacuum in any government negotiation strategy with the EU. It is difficult to disagree with the proposal for a British diplomatic passport which should be “the colour of a white flag” which “truly represents our standing in the [post Brexit] world.”

Far from pride or greatness, this incomptence is so sad for all of us whose interests this government is supposed to be supporting that you can only but agree with the guide by David Schneider below:





  1. Sean Danaher -

    We can weigh things in pounds and ounces. A local butcher has stopped using kilos; I have a photo!

    1. Peter May -

      Fine, but it really isn’t that important…..
      After all the French, the inventors of the metric system, to this day ask for “une livre” of something which means simply half a kilo. No prizes for accuracy but few of us actually know what a weight of a particular foodstuff actually is. It’s a rough idea. Most of these things are really pretty unimportant – the only thing that was – which is a pint of beer, (I imagine in Ireland too?) we were allowed to keep!

      1. Sean Danaher -

        of course it’s nonsense. What’s sad is that the UK could have had blue passports at any time within the EU like Croatia, its a bit like sticking two fingers up – I thought it was just the DUP “Nobody likes us but we don’t care” – the Millwall chant. The insularity and lack of self awareness beggars belief at times

      2. Graham -

        Which is heavier: a kilo of Johnson’s Brexit promises or 2.2lbs of Gove’s Brexit promises?

        As you said the other day, May is unfit for Government, along with most of the her cronies. But how do we get rid of them and ensure what replaces them is better.

        Bon Nadal, as they say in Catalunya.

      3. Ivan Horrocks -

        You were ahead of the game on this issue, Peter, and the Guardian is following today with several interesting articles on the subject. As one of them notes, if a nation’s identity comes down to obsessing about the colour of a passport – which it now turns out the EU never mandated (witness Croatia which retains a blue passport) only suggested – then how insecure must it be. Which just about sums up the mindset of Brexiteers. Pathetic!

  2. Graham -

    Her jubilation is deplorable and risible. It also signifies the hubris of her position – that she thinks this is significant; that she thinks we share her jubilation (no doubt some will); that she has lost control of the process and has seized on this small “victory” because she is unable or unwilling to see the bigger picture. To me it suggests more serious personal problems as she is clearly unaware of the bathos of her statement.

    1. Peter May -

      Think you could well be right. Of course the whole Brexit process is packed full of inconsistency and diversionary tactics. Here we are 15 months before we are supposed to leave and the government hasn’t even decided on its end objectives. Dysfunctional in a word.

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