The imperfect storm

Which is very largely self-inflicted…

At least this Labour statement, quoted on Sunday by Sky News, is getting a little closer to the truth of this government:

Exhausted by their efforts to hoodwink his supporters at the Conservative Party conference, Johnson is on holiday and Sunak is awol. Government is lurching from crisis to crisis. And, having supposedly taken it back is patently not, in control.

Dave Lewis, formerly of Tesco, is supposed to be solving the supply chain crisis but is only on a contract till the end of the year. With just 27 applications for those 5000 HGV visas, he’ll have his work cut out.

Perhaps he knows a few pork butchers to ensure pig farmers are able to sell their animals?

Meanwhile we have soaring energy prices for both business and individuals together with a Universal Credit cut of £20 a week. Fuel is still intermittently short, bus companies are short of about 4000 drivers, strikes for pay increases are in view while bus passenger numbers are still only 75% of pre-pandemic levels.

The Times has expressed doubt that Covid loans which were the preferred measure of government help for smaller companies, will be repaid either in a timely manner or at all.

When Johnson said ‘f*** business’ it is now looking like, not an expletive,- but a policy choice.

Together with Sunak he is arranging for an economy that crashes and burns.

Meanwhile UK Covid deaths are easily the highest in Europe.

It gets progressively worse – we have a government that is so dysfunctional that not only does it, daily, fail to care, it is beginning to treat the entirety of the electorate as the enemy.

At the same time ministries seem now to be displaying overt hostility to each other.

The ‘natural party of government’ is with each passing day, more demonstrably, no such thing.

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