The gaslit uplands are here

When the government is insisting that the lights won’t go out, there will be enough food, and not to panic as there is quite enough petrol to go round, you have to why we are having such a conversation.

We are not victims of chance.

We’re heading into the winter of a ‘perfect storm’: unaffordable housing either to buy or rent, rocketing energy prices, fuel shortages, empty supermarket shelves, non-existent Covid safety measures especially in schools, massive health waiting lists, exhausted health service staff, failing ambulance services, insufficient skilled workers, increasing inflation – particularly for food, and all set against a background of needlessly reducing welfare help for the six million least well off in the nation. To cap it all they announce the regressive prospect of a tax rise next year (imperfectly disguised as a national insurance increase) for both employees and employers… Have I left anything out?

This is some study in the arrogance of government mismanagement and incompetence. Every single element of it has been has been created by the Conservative government through neglect, purposeful inaction or direct intention.

We have the government’s transport minister only this morning saying that one of the advantages of Brexit was that we could adjust the HGV driver’s test unilaterally, without pointing out that this action was necessary only as a result of the Brexit induced exodus of drivers, either to work as UK residents, or even just to deliver to us as visitors.

It seems that in order to ‘ameliorate’ the HGV test, there is likely to be less attention given to reversing. Not only do I know of no loading dock that you drive up to in forward gear, I have previously linked to a nighttime delivery driver’s story which clearly shows how much of the articulated lorry driver’s skill is actually reversing.

Unfortunately this is yet another skill that the UK government lacks.

Evidence based policy is not in their remit.

Still they must be pleased that those Johnson always calls ‘our European friends’ are giving good publicity to all those marvellous Brexit advantages….

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