The French will have to build a wall …

If Brexit in fact is actually happening – and so far it seems it is – then unsurprisingly, its spirit is gradually dying of its own contradictions.

Immigration is just one area when taking back control means actually relying on the co-operation of the er, French.

True we already rely on French co-operation, but that is when immigration policy is part of an EU agreement (the Dublin regulation).

There is supposedly an Immigration Minister going to have stern words with the French, whose Northern French fishermen are regularly threatened with a no compromise, no deal Brexit and British control of ‘their own’ seas. I’m sure the French will be delighted to negotiate.

The Home Secretary is emphatic that refugees should not make unsafe journeys to the U.K. But the scheme for safe journeys is suspended (the so called Dubs amendment has been suspended since March.) She seems not to understand that in such circumstances and with calm, flat seas the English Channel will look pretty tempting. Yes there are arguments as to whether the French authorities are doing enough. But in both countries, it is a matter of resources. With almost every Customs and Border Force vessel around the Dover straits you can bet that the drug smugglers in the South Western Approaches with equally calm seas but in actual seaworthy vessels will be having a field day.

So drunk on nationalist power are this government that they’ve completely forgotten that if you don’t respect neighbouring countries you can claim as much national power as you like – but you loose considerable international power.

Taking back control is not as easy as a three word slogan, when sovereignty turns out to be not so sovereign after all. I don’t think even Brexiters voted for taking back control just as long as the French are agreeable.

And when and if the UK does crash out of the EU, this Brexit government should now be beginning to realise that the Dublin agreement will no longer apply.

Nor will the Eurodac database, which is also of course used in criminal investigations: points out that if say,

an asylum seeker reaches Italy, is fingerprinted then travels to the UK and claims asylum, pretty much the first thing the Home Office will do is take fingerprints, check them against the central Eurodac fingerprint database and then if a match is found notify the other country and send the asylum seeker back…

Those of us already washed up here will have the dubious joy of a shiny blue-black passport (made in good old British Poland).

But we should all realise that actually almost all Britons are descendants of people who came in hope and small boats….

Brexit seems to have been successful in eliminating the first while encouraging the last.


  1. Chris Kitcher -

    ……and now they realise that when the ask uneducated idiots what they want to do you get an uneducated idiotic reply. How long will it take the population of this uneducated country to realise what they have done?

  2. Bill Hughes -

    Don’t worry, Priti Patel has the solution – send in the Royal Navy with guns blazing, torpeados and missiles at the ready, that is Nigel Fargage’s dream come true..The people traffickers will be shivering in their bunkers and dare not venture to sea.

    1. Peter May -

      I wish. They’re probably of course, hundreds of miles away, if not further. The traffickers are really pretty much as irresponsible as the UK government …

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