The Divine Right of Government

In difficult times, I’m being conceited enough to suggest that this [necessarily edited] post on is worth emphasising….

I doubt very much whether the EU would wish to get involved in the UK constitutional arrangements.

I’d suggest they are far more likely to give us a unilateral extension to enable us to sort it out any constitutional problems ourselves.

Though it is not inconceivable that there would be an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights because prorogation goes to the heart of democracy and hence human rights.
I wonder if even the European Court could find it has involvement.

lmportantly, if we allow prorogation to be available just as if the Executive had completely inherited the Divine Right of Kings, then our democracy, even with all its faults, is worthless.

Parliament can be shut down at will.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t realise this, then I fear for our country and our ‘democracy’.