The 3.5 per cent

Nothing to do with that other percent – the 1 or less – but this time, the academic, Erica Chenoweth, (who name sounds very Cornish, but she is an American) is the source of these 3.5% figures that keep cropping up everywhere – often just chalked up as in a park here:

This concerns the idea that just 3.5% of the population need to be on the streets in order to achieve non-violent regime change.

The TED talk which gave rise to the idea is below and the idea is based on academic, historical research.

Now, while accepting the historical data I’m not sure that historical evidence necessarily implies future success.

And what she seems not to have properly researched is how long it takes..

So if we want to get rid of Johnson not that many will have to be on the streets – but it might be for a long, long time…..