Stymied by your own government

The ‘Newsletter’ shows very worrying news from Northern Ireland, where transport providers estimate there are just five days before food distribution breaks down,

Remarkably this includes Tesco, which is by far Britain’s largest food distributor and who, in my experience at least, are usually legally and technically proficient.

Some of HMRC systems are thought to be faulty and the widely anticipated shortage of vets available to sign export health certificates, which are an essential requirement for moving many food products, is a major handicap.

Effectively supplying Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, is just the same as exporting to somewhere outside the UK.

No wonder one haulier is quoted as saying:

It is currently easier to ship a container to China than a trailer from Cairnryan to Larne.

This is food distribution within the UK that is failing and which is gradually being throttled.

By its own government.

In the middle of a pandemic.


  1. Davy Green -

    And in clear Breach of The Belfast Agreement of 1998 which affirmed Northern Ireland as part of The United Kingdom.This is an annexation of Northern Ireland by the EU aided and abetted by Johnson

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