Strepsils and hope

Nicola Sturgeon has, as we see, come prepared.

Perhaps her audience should,themselves, be prepared in other ways.

As Nicola refuses to hold an independence referendum before the Brexit negotiations are more ‘fully resolved’, she may be doing us English & Welsh and Northern Irish a favour.

If Scotland, having seen the disaster that will be the Brexit deal (which I fear is almost certain), decides to hold a referendum on either the Brexit deal or Scottish independence, which will, in effect, turn out to be be pretty much the same thing, will the Westminster government be able to resist a similar referendum?

After the Catalonian disaster it looks rather unlikely that police could be sent -miners’ strike fashion – to enforce a Westminster government veto to a referendum request from Scotland. So the referendum would be likely to take place, even without Westminster’s legal authority. And in reality Westminster could not ignore such a vote though they could aver that it was not legally binding (no different of course than the original UK wide Brexit referendum) and possibly dock off the cost to Scotland’s budget.

But to actually veto a similar referendum for England Wales and Northern Ireland, whilst Scotland undertook one, would surely be seen as a ‘democratic deficit’ equally as deplorable as that supposedly present in the current EU.

So I suggest that – Strepsils aside – Scotland and Nicola Stugeon should be a souce of ‘Remoaner’ hope!


    1. Peter May -

      Apt and very good. Love the bit about ticking the box ‘self destruct’!

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