Stand not upon the order of your going but go at once…

Perhaps I should not be calling on the aid of Lady Macbeth, but to me it seems singularly and desperately appropriate.

Our Prime Minister, who, I see Ian Dunt descibes as “quite simply, the worst British prime minister of our lifetime, and quite possibly of anyone else’s” managed yesterday to write a letter pleading for an extension to Article 50, without providing supporting evidence of how a resolution would be achieved sufficient for the other 27 to feel able to support the extension.

They might even force her to change tack. Although the linked Guardian article says “while she battles to win cross-party agreement on a way forward.

But she isn’t. To prove the point, Sir Keir Starmer, on past evidence not one of the usual suspects to puposely exaggerate difficulties, says there has been no change in the government’s postion over the last days of negotiation. If this is how Theresa May negotiates with the EU, never mind Labour, then she is psychologically unsuited to her position.

Owen Jones considers (in a tweet) that ” When Theresa May’s offer to Labour was first announced, I thought it was extremely weird and suspicious that no hard Brexiteers resigned from Cabinet. It doesn’t look so weird anymore, does it?”

Nothing has changed – apart from the invitations!

We are simply, for ever, in a negotiating position of throwing ourselves on the mercy of the EU.  Donald Tusk, I note, has been very supportive of Britain, support which our government certainly doesn’t merit. He almost seems to take on board that UK domocracy is broken.

I’ve seen a French official quoted “We like Tusk and everything, but at some point we have to tell the UK they can’t have their long-overdue European therapy on the EU’s couch for ever and ever.

All the Tories certainly badly need some European therapy, while the Prime Minister’s relentless, pathological inflexibility, together with of course, The Fixed Term Parliament Act has enabled this disastrous rigidity.

If she cannot be flexible, which there is overwhelming evidence she cannot, then she should indeed:

Stand not upon the order of [her] going but go at once….

And I for one cannot wait – election or further referendum – anything…

Just go!…


  1. Graham -

    Of course Macbeth was at the time raving incoherently, or so it seemed, at the sight of Banquo’s ghost. So, no similarity there? But May might simply reply: “returning were as tedious as go o’er”

    I was thinking about this on the morning walk, someone needs to tell her it’s time to go. But who?

    Hers is a mindset I cannot get my head round, from the start unwilling to compromise, to work together with any one else, to treat the EU or any of the devolved administrations with any respect and so on, as Dunt explains, and then to suggest to Corbyn, but again ignoring any other parties, that they find a way to go forward, but refuses to offer any kind of compromise. Incredible.

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