Something else we’re discovering…

The British on average use two and a half times as much toilet roll as most people in Europe.

A useless fact you may think, but an interesting one when according to the Evening Standard a no-deal Brexit would lead to toilet paper shortages. Of course, whilst toilet roll may be manufactured in the UK, the wood pulp raw material comes from mainland Europe. Who knew?

So the government not only appears unwilling or unable to ensure a decent Brexit deal, it cannot, it seems, even ensure a, as it were, bum deal.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    It may be that with impending Brexit peoples’ bowel functions are loosening up to such an extent that they are …ing themselves at the prospects ahead.

  2. Sean Danaher -

    My dad told me in the army they were rationed to three sheets, One to be used in an up and down motion, the second in a left-right motion and the third in a circular motion.
    My son seems to use half a roll!

  3. Ros -

    My old TA Colonel (when in a mellow mood in the mess) would say that the three sheets were “one up, one down and one to polish”.

    In the fifties.Izal (big maker of toilet paper) sheets were like greaseproof paper. The stall-holders in the food markets in Lagos, Nigeria used this paper to wrap food in: it made sense as this was much cleaner than most wrapping material.

    Ah – those were the days!

    1. Peter May -

      Everything in the b. army always needs polishing – even when it doesn’t!

  4. Graham -

    Could be an opening for bidet salespeople?

  5. Robert Pennington -

    Probably because our paper is two and a half times worse…

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