Sold down the river…

Thought this final tweet of Paul Mason was informative:

10/ Finally my Tory chums. Try saying the words “stockpile food” to a mum hanging around the out-of-date shelf at Tesco at 5pm, waiting to see if she’s going to feed her kids tonight. If it all goes to shit, that’s the moral authority of your party gone for a generation. ENDS

I cannot much improve on that. Except that:-

the problem is, with Corbyn playing a very long, inscrutable Brexit game – and thus being ambushed by largely bogus antisemitism, is when, exactly, will an election come?

I’d love to think that should be a good spectator sport, but as has been said about the internet, if it’s free, usually you are the product.

That’s us, and I’m not enjoying it.