Saving the NHS means that we must arrange our resources not to be in conflict

Junior Doctor Emma Pencheon has managed to issue a ‘Save our NHS’ broadcast whilst travelling. This is surely an indication of how important it is not only for doctors, but for us all, to stop Tory austerity and invest in all our futures.

Money, as most of us are aware, is never short. For the future benefit of us all, we must invest in doctors!

Then there is this excellent article from ‘Pioppi Diet’ author Dr Asseem Malhotra. I recommend a read of that, too.

The Tories were keen on double whammies – we have that here, now.

We allow both corporations to feed us unhealthy food and drink, and also to emphasise (spurious) nutritional health through advertising. Why exactly do we allow this?

Meanwhile under Conservative led administrations we have consistently underfunded our health service. Moreover we underfund it while at the same time allowing food and drink manufacturers to supply people with sugar laden food that is likely to ensure them a shorter life.

Whilst that life may be extended by health care it completely ignores that our overall resources are in conflict – and in particular private resources are in conflict with state NHS resources.

How on earth is this sensible?


    1. Peter May -

      Thanks for the link – it is indeed a very informative article.

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