Russia report surely represents prima facie Johnson’s Misconduct in Public Office

Or how the Tories have completely broken the already shaky, British democratic system.

I was aware some time ago that French television had filmed people in Aaron Banks ‘Go Skippy’ insurance (now prominent in offering European Health Insurance for next year’s holidays, as there’s no opportunity like one you’ve prepared for yourself) ringing people up on behalf of Vote Leave while still being employed by the insurance company.

Although clearly illegal, when informed, Prime Minister May refused to order an investigation.

The Russia report shows that Conservative government in turning blind eyes, and receiving Russian monies for their party were the Daily Mail’s traitors – and not the judges or the remain voters, or indeed, the opposition – even with Jeremy Corbyn in a photoshopped Russian hat outside the Kremlin.

We are really in the position where the filthy stench of treachery hangs over Downing Street. Neither leave voters nor remainers are implicated. Everyone of them has been betrayed by the current government.

As Jonathan Lis says in the Guardian:

A government that valued the integrity of its elections and institutions would make every conceivable effort to investigate and combat breaches. This government’s entire approach to the Russia report suggests that it instead privileged its own short-term interests.

He concludes:

Rather, the government had reason to suspect a violation of our democratic processes and ignored it. An admission of such a breach would have caused embarrassment. It could have made life even more difficult on the global stage. Worst of all, it would have demanded greater justification for the national self-sabotage our government has resolved, at any cost, to implement.

The scandal revealed today, then, is not that our democracy was corrupted or voided by the actions of a foreign power – it’s that the British establishment didn’t care either way.


And almost every member of this government is heartless and lacking emotional insight or empathy and that is usually because they are let down by their education. The lack of emotional coherence is, I suggest, why they are so useless and ruthless as a government.

Basically Johnson is the figurehead of a cabal that never bothered to play by any rules, which was straight out of the Putin, Russian destabilisation playbook.

And so, the UK, whilst benefitting from one of the most highly invested and sophisticated intelligence gathering operations on the planet, fails to communicate Russian interference in the democratic process because the Russian financed government has straightforwardly ordered them to fail to address it.

Simples, as they say.

This is all so much quicker and easier than trying to turn Trinity College graduates, that Putin must think he is much, much cleverer than his erstwhile employers.

So, I never thought I would ever say this, but what Eton has actually done for us is to ensure that we are actually ruled by an unempathetic, traitorous class, that has only self regard and no regard at all for its people.

We are now in the position that if you do not do politics then politics will undoubtedly be done to you.

A mightily depressing conclusion. So I thought that these satirical pieces might help to raise a smile in the gloom…


  1. Graham -

    One of your best, and utterly damning of a damnable cabal of criminals.

    1. Peter May -

      Thanks – I feel the same…

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