Religious change..

Rishi Sunak is supposed to be a ‘proud Hindu’, but that unfortunately, is not his only religion.

We are often now told we have to strike a balance between the economy and controlling the pandemic – it is supposed to be either the economy or health, as though the economy is as much a natural phenomenon as a virus.

Surely, after six months it should now be apparent that, without health, the economy as we knew it no longer works.

Logic dictates that we should alter the workings of the economy to take account of the general well-being it is capable of providing – but no, we have a government that treats the economy as a religious text and then has to be dragged step by tortuous step to doing something approaching the right thing, very reminiscent of Churchill’s contention that America always did the right thing but only after first trying all the other possibilities.

I have already suggested that ‘sheltering the economy’ misunderstands its purpose.

I’d further suggest that if the current economy cannot and does not work to promote the well-being (and good health) of its citizens, and with hugely rising numbers of Covid-19 cases it is apparent it does not, then we need to change the economy.

If that does not fit in to the ‘private is better than public’, ‘workers or shirkers’ Thatcherite model – then the model needs changing. Not relentlessly pursued with religious fervour sometimes with occasional, emergency and ‘temporary’ deviations.

Because even in the Tory terms of a more prosperous ‘global’ Britain this is looking like the worst economic outcome for an OECD country in Europe.

Time surely for religious change.

Because when, because of poor pay, high rents or poor social security provision, large numbers of people, as we are now beginning to see, have to worry about how to pay for shelter or food, then neither the economy nor its citizens can operate effectively and neither have a chance to reach their potential.