Red tape becomes true blue

This really must have struck a chord as, indeed it should.. with the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator:

As David Allen Green has remarked, taking back control of our borders seems to mean resiting them by setting up border control in Kent – fully policed by criminal sanctions for lorry drivers.

While the Tudors famously lost Calais, Johnson’s Conservatives have actually managed to loose both Dover and Folkestone.


  1. Bongo -

    It’s been over 4 years for crying out loud. In the latest EU budget subsidies incident on owners (not workers) of qualifying agricultural land remains the biggest item, protections for the recipients from competition remains the main feature of the EU customs union, and the regulations that prevent these recipients from being more productive remain in place. This is detrimental to the environment and to customers.
    In all that time no-one has made a case for this being progressive, and yet you still carp on about people being low IQ for wanting out of this racket.
    Oh, you may say, not-EU members are just as capable of crony capitalism, and that is true, but at least you don’t have to hire lobbyists to go to Brussels to change the law in 27 other countries simultaneously if the rules that apply in our own country are a total frack up and the electorate realises they need changing.
    Get over it – if you want full on EU membership, admit you didn’t provide any answer to justify the centralisation of the EU’s big ticket items and that you have lost the argument – if you want to advocate for the best of the soft options such as the EEA option so that free trade is made easy for now, then do that. If the UK has a bad outcome on 1/1/21 then those who advocate fully-in will be just as much to blame as those who advocate for fully-out. The referendum result was half in and half out to within a couple of % remember.
    But only high IQ people noticed that.

    1. Peter May -

      It certainly has been four years – that’s why you would have thought Brexiters would have it all organised by now and actually know what they want.
      It is clear that any sort of treaty or agreement always entails a loss of sovereignty.
      And of course any agreement to Brexit should have actually been prepared before the referendum, not after. If people had been promised it involved a border in Kent or Northern Ireland they might have made better decisions.

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