Reality on Immigration

And what surpised me above all was that this reality was publicised by  – a fashion brand…

We could compare and contrast with our ex Home Secretary, now our Prime Minister, responsible for these advertising hoardings:


If fashion is so broadminded and the Prime Minister really does believe in some actual benefit in immigration, and she properly funds the extra facilities required  for an increasing population then there could be some sort of Brexit hope…


  1. Marco Fante -

    There is nothing wrong with immigration or emigration, per se. But your last sentence raises another issue: sustainable population. The Prime Minister cannot fund additional natural resources. They are in fixed quantity.

    There are some social issues involved with an increasing population, gentrification for example. The growing competition for most preferred residential location displaces long-established communities. But that’s not where the hardest questions reside. The environmental aspect is more difficult and perilous than the social.

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed re the natural resources required for a population but we are where we are. As we’ve been importing more food that we can produce for at least 100 years then we’ll have to start exporting people pronto to compensate – or at least cover the country with greenhouses and hydroponics. We’ll have to speak to the Dutch. Though I’m not sure where that leaves the Peak District, Dartmoor, the Highlands or even the South Downs. Perhaps we just live in those areas and grow in Kent and East Anglia.
      All in all a whole new can of worms that I’m not sure I’m ready to contemplate!

  2. Marco Fante -

    Its a can of worms for sure and I don’t blame you for not wanting to contemplate it as yet. I was probably a little hasty in seizing upon the last sentence in your post – but beware, there are plenty of folk who would do the same and some of them are quite zealous.

    There is an extensive existing literature on Ecological Economics that deals with the biosphere’s capacity contain the ongoing ‘growth’ of the economy

    To get you started gently on your can of worms (when you’re ready) I recommend this from Wikipedia:
    To realise that those ideas are not all that new: there is this from JS Mill (which is quite brief but stunning):
    And eventually, this from Herman Daly: (although his book, if you can get it cheaply, is better).

  3. Marco Fante -

    Correction: the biosphere’s capacity to contain the ongoing ‘growth’.

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