Realistic Fishing

This is an excellent 50 seconds by the SNP MP, Dr Philippa Whitford, on the disastrous control of the UK fishing industry.

Many fishermen all over the UK (and some to my personal knowledge) were fervently in favour of Brexit, whilst seemingly ignoring the fleets of trucks taking their catches, not to inland Britain, but to continental Europe. It seems never to have occured to them that if continental Europe is to continue with this trade fishing access to the seas around Britain might be a reasonable and plausable quid pro quo. Or tariffs might result.

As this extract suggests, the problem is not the EU (although they could have done much better with fish stock conservation), it is the way that deep sea fishing quotas have been monopolised and, additionally, that small scale, inshore fishing has been ignored – or when it isn’t – marginalised by the British government.

The New Economics Foundation has more detail here and for the unheard local small boats here.