Project fear to project reality – Prof Michael Dougan one year on from EU referendum

Published today another interesting Video from Prof Michael Dougan.


  1. Peter May -

    He concludes by saying “have a good summer” with the air of somebody who thinks it will probably be our last.
    I fear he’s right.

  2. Sean Danaher -

    Indeed its pretty damning of the current UK government position; it seems to get as close to contemptuous as is politely possible.

  3. Geoff Plant -

    Clear, concise, damming and reflective assessment of the unfolding negotiations.

    The image of the UK’s government strategy being akin to and abstract painting is interesting. An artist friend and gallery owner once told me of the amusement he gets from listening to customers discussing his own paintings hanging, anonymously, in the gallery. “Project reality” demands more than that but this government seems to be capable of nothing more than a customer aimlessly wondering around the EU gallery.
    He’s also right about the Lexit dreamers affording power to the extreme right of the Tory party. They sill seem not to comprehend what they have done!

    1. Sean Danaher -

      Indeed Geoff
      Dougan’s analysis seems ubiquitously good and this is the most damning video yet. He is not quite spitting blood at the end but his contempt for the Berxiteers is clear. He spell out an apocalyptic vision of a neoliberal distopia which has haunted my nightmares ever since the Brexit referendum was called and indeed is shared by many others including Richard Murphy in his darker moments.

  4. Allen Bell -

    Thanks for sharing. I’d love to see this guy in a debate with Jacob Rees-Mogg; it would be a cracker.

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