1. Trevor Jones -

    Bizarre and silly analogy.

    The religious/non-religious question is not a yes-no one. Religious and non-religious people can happily co-exist.

    With the EU question, it is not possible to both leave and remain. We can only do one or the other.

    If the matter has been put open for democratic choice (which it has not – courts said it was only advisory), then it would be quite undemocratic to let the will of the less-than-50%ers prevail over the more-than-50%ers.

  2. Peter May -

    I realise the analogy is not perfect. I just thought it was amusing! And it does appear – to me at least- that Brexiters have a religious zeal which is untroubled by the evidence.

  3. Trevor Jones -

    There is no ‘evidence’ about what’s going to happen in the future. None. Only forecasts dependent on huge assumptions which almost always turn out to be wrong, in full or part. This is true whatever we course of action we take. I wish Remainers stopped using the word ‘evidence’ so carelessly.

    It would also help Remainers if they properly understood the margin of this vote. It was done by Parliament – the bill to authorise the PM to issue the Article 50 notice was something like 81% to 19%.

    1. Peter May -

      Interesting. I ought to agree and I mostly do but there IS one economic law that always works – evidence has never disproved it. It can be summed up by double the distance and halve the trade. Every country always does most trade with its nearest neighbours – therefore putting additional barriers in the way by changing the rules for the worse with your near neighbours is not sensible for economic prosperity. It’s why I go shopping down the road.
      And that’s why leaving will make us poorer – and for ever. Brexiteers ignore this – they have a religion.

      Also see here.

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