Power trip

A good article in the Byline Times contains this quote from Gove:

“You should be able to buy a bulb in Bedford and plant it in a garden in Ballymena without destroying the single market” he told peers.

They comment:

Perhaps he should have considered that back in 2016.

Perhaps, actually, he should have taken that into account before his very own government signed the trade agreement and whipped his party to approve something they all seem to remain in blissful ignorance about.

And why Gove’s government didn’t actually realise that they’d signed an agreement that ensured you could not without major hiatus buy a bulb in Bedford and plant it in a garden in Ballymena.

After all it wasn’t as if ‘Project Fear’ had suggested that some of these problems might emerge, was it?

If proof were needed that we have an insane government they have now announced a £20m Brexit support fund for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. This damage limitation fund, woefully tiny as it is, wasn’t on the side of that bus was it?

In leaving the EU we need to support small businesses in order to shelter them from its consequences. Consequences that we have brought on ourselves. What is the advantage to the UK of this? Indeed why exactly would you do that?

And then we have the chemical industry also under the new, administrative, red tape cosh.

I shall refrain from posing any more rhetorical questions.

I fear there is only one answer – the UK government will do anything to keep itself in power – it is not concerned with the electorate – it just so enjoys its power.

Our ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ has become, I’m afraid, a sham.


    1. Peter May -

      I shouldn’t – but that made me 🙂

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