Political pigmies where self interest reigns supreme

Ann Widdecome’s appalling speech to the European Parliament (she is remarkably, now a devout Catholic, so irony on irony, looks towards Rome) demonstrates the Brexiter paradox that was so cogently pointed out by Fintan O’Toole – Britain is a great global power that has no need of the EU. But is simultaneously an oppressed (EU) slave that needs to break free of its chains.

Sir Ivan Rogers, not of Eton, but of a Grammar School has similarly excoriating views:

“…we are dealing with a political generation which has no serious experience of bad times and is frankly cavalier about precipitating events they cannot then control, but feel they might exploit”

I think he and we, should also bear in mind George Orwell:

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices.”

Personally I’m rather feeling my way to a better conclusion than simply are they cruel or just stupid?

They are, as Ivan Rogers suggests, completely cavalier.

That indicates no thought or conscience. Except of course for their own advancement.

And I fear that is where we are.

We have Conservative politicians who are in power for themselves and not ever, unfortunately, for their electorate.




  1. Sean Danaher -

    Thanks. I understand Fintan O’Toole is jokingly asking for royalties for Widdacome’s speech.

  2. Ian Robert Stevenson -

    this makes a lot of sense. Not stupid, and the evil is is caused by a pre-occupation with self and personal advancement. Almost all evil is about selfishness ahead of our responsibilities to others.

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