Police not investigating the misdeeds of Leave because of ‘political sensitivities’?

I think all of those interested in the Rule of Law should look at this ‘Open Democracy’ Article here.

If the Metropolitan Police really are not investigating the misdeeds of Leave because of ‘political sensitivities’ we must consider whether or not we are in a country where the Rule of Law prevails or whether in fact we are in some sort of Fascist State?

As a country with a long lasting trade deficit (and most prominently for our food) we need, I’d suggest to be very, very careful with any subterfuge of the Rule of Law.

And in addition, failing to prosecute in a referendum that is essential to Britain’s everyday existence is, I’d further suggest, straight dishonest.



  1. Sean Danaher -

    It’s very frightening. HMG seem terrified and rudderless after the leave vote, which I an others including Prof Richard Murphy predicted. There appears to be major fraud, criminality, manipulation from multi-millionaires for their own narrow monetary gain, an unknown level of Russian interference.

    It seems that only journalists, most prominently Carole Cadwalladr and Peter Geoghegan, seem to be investigating this properly.

    The decision not to investigate properly is extraordinary – more in keeping with a banana republic or dictatorship than a mature democracy. Even the US with all its faults has the Muller investigation. The Canadians are looking into the AIQ strand.

    It is extraordinary also that this major news story is getting so little media attention. Should be headlining on the BBC almost every night but clearly squashed for political purposes.

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