Perhaps this report is greatly exaggerated:

But if reports of death are premature then surely both leavers and remainers are beginning to realise that Brexit is failing as an idea.

As Simon Wren Lewis has said “Brexit is fantastical. There is nothing about the case for Brexit that is based in reality. This is why everything Brexiters say is either nonsense or untrue.”



  1. Bill Hughes -

    When Jacob Rees-Mogg infers that Treasury civil servants preparing Brexit assessments are either traitors or liars things have come to a pretty pass. Is he now sharpening the guillotines and anticipating to be PM?

      1. Bill Hughes -

        Thanks Sean – most interesting!

      2. Peter May -

        But I suppose we should perhaps be grateful that the Brexiteers are realising that their dreams are just that?

      3. Ivan Horrocks -

        The trouble there is that they’d rather run the country over a cliff than admit their dreams are actually dreams, Peter. And with the help of the Mail and other reactionary rags they’re going to blame that all on the EU I’m sure.

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