Our ‘island’ language

I think we should give a little more understanding to the idea that, although Jeremy Corbyn is supposed to be in favour of Brexit, he is demonstrably only 70% in favour of the EU, and we should realise that he’s married to a Mexican and does at least speak fluent Spanish.

How many Brexiters speak any foreign language?  I doubt that any do, although I know Boris is rumoured to speak a few, but I’m afraid I couldn’t see that he spoke his French fluently – although I must admit that one could accuse his English of suffering from the same fault. As for the rest, could perhaps Mr Rees Mogg, advise us?

I suggest that both Neoliberals and Brexiters are obsessed with English speaking America.

It is true that the British and North America are sometimes divided by a common language, but only very slightly. We are much more divided by an uncommon language – which is that of any other European country except, of course, Ireland which the Brexiters persist in trying to subvert

The irony is that the vast majority of Europeans – even down to the Oxford educated Victor Orban – understand and very often speak English – it is effectively (and ironically) the lingua franca of the EU.

I really fear that British politicians’ monolingualism usually and inevitably equals island mentality and leads all too often to Brexit.

It gives me some hope for Labour that McDonnnell is married to a Goan and Corbyn to a Mexican.

And our ‘island’ language – even more ironically – was rooted predominantly in German and French.

That surely demonstrates that, not only are we all immigrants, we are usually European immigrants.

What, exactly is not to like?