‘Our future, Our choice’

A hard hitting and self explanatory video from one of the founders of this anti Brexit youth organisation – well worth its two minutes of your time. He speaks truth to power.

As they suggest, the UK’s problems need to be fixed, not added to.    The hashtag is



By way of contrast and to bring home the bizarre and impractical vision of the leavers there is an archived copy of an article written by Daniel Hannan, a pro Brexit Conservative MEP here.

It may take some time to load – and it is probably not worth waiting for (it’s no wonder he has since deleted it)! It was written on 20 June 2016 and gives his vision of “What Britain looks like after Brexit” seen from 24 June, 2025. It reads (I’ve read it, so you don’t have to) like nothing so much as fantastical, romantic twaddle!

It is another demonstration of what Simon Wren Lewis has said “Brexit is fantastical. There is nothing about the case for Brexit that is based in reality. This is why everything Brexiters say is either nonsense or untrue.” The Brexiters are dreaming and their dream is just like the American dream – long gone and now illusory. ‘Our future, Our choice’ is a wake-up call.


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