Organising money and society

There are three (not strictly related) TED talks that are worth highlighting; one by the well-travelled journalist, Johann Hari, another by the social psychologist, Paul Piff and the third by the billionaire, Nick Hanauer.

All, I think, are well worth watching and only about 15 minutes each.

All I’d suggest, show that we have a misorganised society.

As an example Johann Hari suffered for a long time from depression and although his doctor concluded that he had a chemical imbalance, he received the appropriate prescription and his mental health improved – then wobbled.

I’m not surprised. The way we organise society is really rather important.

Having been both personally liable and so called ‘customer facing’ when the bailiffs were (illegally – but try and persuade them of that!) also arriving, I can well understand debt enslavement – and the personal consequences…

And any prolonged anxiety – which is generally the case for any debt – is bad for us – even for the otherwise very well.

As Jimmy Reid said “It is my sincere contention that anyone who can be totally adjusted to our society is in greater need of psychiatric analysis and treatment than anyone else.”

The economy should really be about enhancing the well-being of everyone. Whereas the neoliberal narrative seems to be about promoting the wellbeing of the already wealthy while also enfeebling the already poor.

We are now in the dangerous area of where a rich man – also our Prime Ministerb – has asked Marcus Ball to go away by offering to pay his expenses – which I think I should suggest, is rather indicative.

Where money is power surely we must ensure that our givernment and society is organised so as to control it?



  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    “Where money is power surely we must ensure that our givernment and society is organised so as to control it?”

    The whole thrust of neoliberalism is to undermine exactly that social control.

    (PS I like ‘givernment’. ‘For he that hath, to him shall be ‘givern’: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath’.

  2. Peter May -

    Your’e right – and about the typo!
    Left for the enjoyment of others….

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