Old Cornish joke

In response to the news that many Cornish daffodils are likely to rot in the fields – and speaking to some Cornish friends, some of whom, I’m afraid to say, voted for Brexit – now, too late (often thanks to many of them inexplicably voting Tory too) and much to their general regret, there are lots of unpicked daffodils and, indeed, yet more farming produce likely to be similarly affected.

I rather agree that the daffodil fields should now be growing food – but of course the trade agreement was signed on Christmas Eve and that is definitively not the lead time for daffodils to now be flourishing – or indeed any food crop.

Still, allegedly, George Eustace MP of Trevaskis Farm, before we left at least, thought he had it all in hand.

I fear this is yet another Cornish joke.

Meanwhile the Cornish suggestion is that:

Mining Scat

Farming Scat

Fishing Scat

Then ’tis wrecking me ‘earties.

I’ve had certainly had some recent difficulties with many of my Cornish friends but eventually for many there has been a slow lightbulb moment….

I’ve had to suggest that it isn’t up to the Cornish to do the wrecking – that is clearly the UK government’s job.

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