Now they are gaslighting business

This is not just that old joke about how many Tories does it take to change a lightbulb?

(Answer: none – they prefer gas lighting).

This is about the private industry who, they actually tell us, that by paying their taxes create the money to pay for ‘our’ NHS.

Mr Gove said on Marr: “Make no mistake, there are changes coming in just 75 days and time is running out for businesses to act.”

HMRC will also write to 200,000 firms who trade with the EU to set out new customs and tax rules.

Fine – except that we have Kent access fines for lorry drivers without a ferry booking and proper paperwork, when the people that put the goods on their lorries don’t yet know, even 75 days before, what exactly those exact ‘no red tape’ regulations are, don’t know what food labelling is required, and have hardly any customs agents – or even customs officers – to help them.

And of course neither food nor farming itself has any idea of its future.

Government magical thinking seems, even after all this time – and during a mishandled pandemic, to prevail.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    The only thing the government is certain about is that lorries, having managed to get through the Kent frontier posts, may have a to wait for 7,000 in front to get on to the ferries/Eurotunnel unless the new lorry parks at Ashford and else where are ready in time by mid night on 31 December..

    1. Peter May -

      Quite. I really wonder if we are ruled by individuals who are completely sane…

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