Not our happiness but his…

I post this clip, not because I believe it’s true, but to indicate what this government has to take into account as part of its support…

It is rather indicative that Swayne seems to take no regard – or seems even aware – of the concept that his own freedom might imperil the freedom of others.

Additionally of course, with hospitalisations as well as cases currently on the up, the emergency has still definitely not ‘passed’.

What can you say?

Only that the twit is better dressed than Johnson.

Indeed I wonder whether Johnson would be so domestically successful if he were well dressed – in better dress, his Etonian upper class ‘twitness’ might be rather more obvious…

But as Jonathan Lis says in an interesting article, Johnson also has a gift for storytelling – in all senses:

Johnson’s stories are …… fictions designed not to enlighten but obfuscate; to advance not our happiness but his. The Prime Minister has instrumentalised us, not as subjects of our own story, but vehicles for his own. His story is not about a great and resilient Britain, but the genius of a cartoon charlatan. In rising to high office, he has successfully pulled off the con of the century – and a population has fallen at his feet.

What is beginning to worry me is that although – in fact because? Johnson is rarely interviewed his storytelling seems to shine through. And it shines through, I fear as clearly to the red wall constituents as to the constituents of the obnoxious Desmond Swayne.

Indeed the concept of ‘Not our happiness but His’ could easily summarise both Johnson’s Brexit and also his election campaigns…


  1. Andrew -

    If we struggle past Sir Desmond’s support for Covid denialism and conspiracy theories – and indeed his interesting attitude to race (he “blacked up” to attend a party as James Brown in 2019 – an entirely acceptable bit of fun, in his view) – he has a point about the government repeatedly using emergency powers under the Public Health Act to make regulations at the last minute which come into force immediately, rather than the more usual approach of regulations being approved by Parliament before they come into effect.

    The other point that jumped out at me was his claim that his party has “inherited the true wisdom of the Whig tradition”. That will be news to his Tory forebears.

    It is almost a pantomime performance, but he can do and say what he likes, as he’s held a very safe Tory seat since 1997, and never had a majority under 10,000 or less than 50% of the vote.

    1. Peter May -

      I wonder if Chesham & Amersham’s result is making him nervous? (I can hope)…

      1. Andrew -

        Put it this way. He represents leafy bits of the western New Forest, including Fordingbridge and Ringwood, and Lymington on the coast. He polled 32,000 votes in 2019, which gave him a majority of 24,000. It would take a truly extraordinary seismic shift to unseat him.

  2. Peter May -

    You’re right – that is one hell of a majority….

  3. Chris Kitcher -

    But the worry is that people vote for such a stupid and irresponsible creature time and time again. Surely we have to question our education and electoral system when an idiot like him is elected to represent them?

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