No light at the end of the tunnel…

If the the UK Internal Market Bill does not get thrown out by the Commons it surely will be by the Lords.

In effect this means that the Bill suffers a year’s delay.

But as the UK Internal Market Bill is time critical because the UK leaves the EU on 31st December, it is difficult to see where Johnson goes on from there.

He will already have demonstrated his lack of good faith, so his government will be pretty useless at negotiating anything as, quite correctly, nobody will trust it. This was supposed to be the whole point of that impressive vision the (spurious) ‘Global Britain’.

Stakes are high because if Johnson is defeated by his own legislature he is running out of people to blame. It will not be the EU or remoaning Islingtonian Labour, or even the failure of the French to prevent illegal immigration, that will be responsible. It will be simply an own goal. He will have run out of groups to project his divisive identity politics onto.

He risks turning his own government into a zombie administration, which has no trust abroad and very little at home, where his government has made such a demonstrable mess of the Covid -19 response that even he must see that the coming second wave is going to make life for his government even more difficult.

All of which is likely to mean crashing out in the New Year with no deal (and no other deals) and struggling to control a pandemic whilst maintaining medical and food supplies. And with the possibility of fines and/or trade sanctions unless the Withdrawal Agreement is either renegotiated or complied with.

If we are generous enough to think there is or was a plan ‘A’, then the only possible plan ‘B’ I could see would be to negotiate to extend transition at the last minute and blame Covid-19.

But that certainly isn’t getting Brexit done.