More light on sweetness

I confess this is not my usual read but if David Davis, a former employee of Tate & Lyle, sponsors of the Tory Party, and one of the few companies in favour of Brexit, can cast aspersions on Britain’s public health policy then I think I might suggest that the game is up!

The only problem is that, in the same linked article he suggests you can have sweetness without sugar.

On sweet stuff, there is worrying research from Sussex University:

The alternatives to sugar are not proved and such research as exists suggests that the health damage is similar.

But might we get eventually a better government dietary plan as a result?

We can only hope…



  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    If a person is so stupid that he doesn’t realise that four sugars in his tea is asking for trouble, there’s not much surprise he was a useless Brexit Sec. !!


  2. Peter May -

    I agree. As (the other) Andrew has suggested Tories don’t really do reflection…

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