Middle class ‘Bregretters’?

A BBC Newsnight piece (I never watch it – so for those that do, apologies) by the ever excellent Danny Dorling, which is just over 4 minutes and suggests that the drivers of Brexit are in fact the middle class – and, moreover, half of them were from the South of England.

This is definitely different from the usual narrative of it was the poor from the north what won it!

Perhaps after all, it was a middle class protest against a diminuishing share of national income?

But might they now regret their rashness?

The predominance of southern constituencies in the ‘revoke article 50’ petition suggests to me that they might….


  1. Andrew -

    The narrative that poorer mainly Labour voters in the north voted for Brexit is right in one way, if you look at the leave-remain percentages, constituency by constituency or town by town. But Danny points out that the turnout in those places was actually much lower than among the older, richer, mainly Conservative voters in the south and east, and concludes that it was the votes of the latter that was the decisive factor.

    He has a book, of course, seeing Brexit as a product of a elite educated at private schools and Oxford in the 1960s and 1970s to hark nostalgically back to an imperial past where Britain ruled half the world due to (so they were educated to believe) our innate superiority and exceptionalism. For some reason our former colonies have a different view.

    He was speaking on a similar topic at the LSE a week ago, with his co-author Sally Tomlinson. No doubt there will be a podcast in due course. http://www.lse.ac.uk/Events/2019/03/20190329t1830vOT/inequality

  2. Peter May -

    Thanks for the link!
    And it is a distinct failure of our education system if people arrive from it convinced of their superiority and exceptionalism. Do these universities still not have enough foreign students attending them? Or peraps the Brits never speak to them?

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